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Puerto Limón Tours

Adventure Combo Tour.

Zipline And Tortuguero Canal Tour.
Known as Costa Rica's Amazon because of its surrounding rainforest, the Tortuguero Canal region is rich with exotic flora and fauna.
 Then enjoy the thrilling experience of taking the tour that will give you the opportunity of crossing the “jungle” just like a monkey! You will cross the forest from tree to tree with first-class equipment and a double cable system for more security. (Jungle Breeze Zip-line)
 The tour is 6,500 feet in totality, and the longest cable is approximately 1,500 feet long. Experience the most adrenaline you've ever had in your life!  This tour is great for adventurous types of all ages. The zip line tour begins with an orientation chat where the rules and regulations for safety and security are explained thoroughly. The orientation chat is very important and it is imperative that all advice is adhered to throughout the tour. 
This tour includes: 1) Stop at a fruit Stand - 2) Banana Plantation & Packing House - 3) Playa Bonita -4)  a view point of the city - 5) Shopping for coffee. 7 in 1
NOTE: If you have a mix group and some people do not want to experience the zip line tour, they can come with you and experience the rainforest nature walk while you enjoy the tree tops. The group will travel together and you will split up for the activities.
Duration 5 to 6 hour.   Pricing: $85 p/p.

Veragua Rainforest.

Veragua Rainforest is the ultimate Costa Rica tourism attraction that offers everything you want to experience in the authentic rainforest!
Your tour includes interactive live exhibits of snakes, frogs, and butterflies in an unparalleled set-up, walking trails, an open air gondola ride through the rainforest canopy, a spectacular waterfall, and a real science station where you can see researchers discovering new species.
With world class facilities, astonishing natural beauty, and a commitment to conservation and scientific research, Veragua Rainforest is the place to visit if you want to get the most complete, exciting, and educational Costa Rican rainforest experience.
Veragua R. is 1 hour from the city.    Pricing $116 p/p (Food is included in Veragua R. Restaurant) With out food $106 p/p

 Veragua Rainforest with Tortuguero Canal. Cost $126 p/p.

Paradero-Eco tour.
Just 45 minutes from the pier, you’ll enter the Caribbean lowlands’ tropical rain forest—an environment with enormous trees and exuberant growth of exotic plants. You’ll be struck by the diversity and size of the flora—most notably the abundance of palms—and by the proliferation of epiphytes and climbers. Some of the hardwood trees species are threatened or endangered, and all of the trees and other plants play an important role in the complex interaction that takes place in the rain forest.
 Travel the elevated trails to the butterfly farm and aviary with a view of the Tortuguero Canals. Visit the Wildlife Rescue Center where you can see and interact with rare two- and three-toed sloths, as well as other animals native to the rain forest, including monkeys, toucans, turtles, various parrots, white-tail deer, raccoons and scarlet macaws. All these animals have been rescued from poachers and delivered to the Rescue Center by the government agencies such as MINAET, the Coast Guard and Police.
This tour Includes: Banana plantation & Packing House - Paradero-Eco Tour - Tortuguero Canal - Playa Bonita - A view point of the city and shopping for coffe.  
Duration: 5 hours   Pricing: $72 p/p.

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